Easily transform or
 extend your live
 events into engaging
 online experiences

... with a little help from Gathering Stone Events.
Gathering Stone Events is your go-to resource for all your online and hyrbid event needs.
The pandemic is keeping people from meeting in person, costing organizations money, resources, and relationships.
But distance shouldn't equal disconnection. 

The good news is: you can still reach your audience with an engaging online event.

Learn creative ways to promote your next event with our free guide. 

Receive a tailored, concierge-style service

Enjoy flexibility in your event with a range of services to fit your needs
We can help you with:

  • Marketing Efforts
  • ​Finding keynote speakers
  • ​Creating content
  • ​MC Service
  • ​Stress-free technology solutions
  • ​Payment processing
  • ​On-site registration
  • ​Event insights

Experience all the best parts of a live event, minus the COVID risk.

  • Main stage with keynotes and presentations
  • ​Breakout Rooms
  • ​Chat Rooms
  • ​Expo and Vendor Booths
  • ​1:1 Networking with virtual tables

Choose your ideal event type

Virtual, live, or a hybrid of both? We can help.

It's the small things that make a big difference

We want your event to succeed just as much as you do. We'll manage all the behind-the-scenes details to make sure your event is a stress-free experience.

Measure your impact

Receive insights during and after your event to see how successful it was.

Your event can have monumental impact.

You need a partner who can take the vision for your event and help bring it to life.

With 20 years of IT experience and a combined 40 years of business consulting experience, we've helped companies and organizations put on effective virtual events ranging from 10 to 1000+ attendees.

Some of our clients include

Stonecutters Leadership

Women Reach Out with God Initiative


The Pro-Net-Work Conferences

2021 Team Elite Success Camp

Working With Us is Simple

1. Schedule a Consultation

This will allow us to get clear on your event goals and budget.

2. Review Our Tailored Proposal

This will have our recommendations for moving forward, including different pricing options based on your budget

3. Enjoy a Successful Event!

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